millennialmarketing.pngMillennial Consumer & Shopping Behavior

"Are Millennials Eating Your Lunch?" Six Ways to Build Trust. November 2011 (PDF) Focuses on Food industry but principles apply more broadly.

How Millennials research and make big decisions: Capstrat November 2011 (PDF) Video summaries available.

"Meet the Class of 2015" Mr. Youth Agency, October 2011

"Understanding Millennials: How Generation Y Will Reshape Customer Loyalty" October 2011 U.S. study by Aimia covers Millennial attitudes toward loyalty programs, mobile payment forms, more.

"Millennials Shift Brand Preferences in Food and Beverages" Sept 2011 Hartman Group study recapped on Convenience Store News site.

"How Restaurants Can Reach Millennials" July 2011 Restaurant News. Millennials twice as likely to have non-peak hour occasions for snacking.

"Why Millennials Are Impulse Shoppers" Data from IRI on Millennial women as grocery shoppers (AdWeek) November 2009

"The Truth About Youth" Global study by McCann June 2011 (on Scribd)

"Understanding the Millennial Mindset" Global study by Euro RSCG - Study Highlights (entire pdf not available)

"When Marketing to Millennials, It's Not All About Digital" Ad Age Stats article 4.11.11 features comments by OMD researcher Bilezikjian-Johnson about their global study of Millennial shopping habits. Good insights here.

"Boomerangers Want It Now" Research from Luminosity on Boomerangers reveals them to be more independent and value-conscious than expected. (March 2011)

"Teen Girls Always on a Social Shopping Mission" March 2011, EMarketer.

"Gen X and Gen Y Rely More on Research, Less on Loyalty" Results of survey by AMP Agency details how Millennials and Gen X move through consideration phase. (Mediapost summary) 2.7.11

"Teens and Holiday Shopping" Findings of survey by AMP insights about what teens plan to spend, where they learn about ideas, gift preferences.

"Millennials and Driving" Results of a survey by Zipcar shows they would drive less if they could, texting replaces driving.November 2010

"Gen Y Cutting Back on Dining Out" NPD report, August 2010 In the two-year period between May 2008 and May 2010, annual per-capita meal and snack occasions dropped from 242 to 216 for those ages 18 to 24. Those between the ages of 25 to 34 decreased their dining out occasions from 257 to 238 during the same period, according to NPD’s CREST research.

"Tweens May Spell Opportunity for Cosmetics makers " Drug Store News Tween girls are using more beauty products and represent an "opportunity," according to a new report from market research firm The NPD Group.

"Gen Y Spending Boosts Restaurant Brands " May 2010, Food Product News reports findings from Packaged Facts - 25-34 year olds spend more per meal and have larger party sizes, spend 25% more overall than average.

"The New Consumer Paradigm: Permanent or Fleeting ?" Price Waterhouse (link to pdf) Up-market Gen X and Gen Y shoppers will take the lead in the recovery. Gen X is in the middle of a high-spending life stage and Gen Y has a greater willingness to spend (greater discretionary income relative to older shoppers), especially on new technologies. Opportunity for tech-oriented retailers. MediaPost summary 3.25.1 0

"Mining the U.S. Generation Gaps " Nielsen, March 2010, Differences in spending patterns for each of four generations based on shopper marketing data.

"Teen Girls: Sisterhood, Not Social Media Sells " (Marketing Daily) March 15, 2010 summary of data from Euro RSCG study.

"Shopping Core Social Activity for Teen Girls " Euro RSCG Worldwide, March 2010 Marketing Charts with links to original study by MicroDialog, November 2009."Total teen spending is more than $200 billion annually. Despite social stereotypes, teen girls spend their portion of this total carefully." Information on key peer, celebrity and social media influencers.

"Mining the U.S. Generation Gap " Nielsen 2010. Analysis of shopping behavior across four generations, frequency of shopping, basket size, impulse shopping, more.

"Gen Y and Early Careerists Grapple with "Quarter Life Crisis" as the foundering economy shapes their lives and aspirations " JD Power Survey, Oct 2009 Details brands that excite Millennials 22-29 years old - Anthropologie, Arby's, Bath and Body Works, etc.

"Gen Y + Sustainability" Michigan State University and Deloitte study of Millennials and green technology in automotive category. January, 2010. Survey of current knowledge, focus groups and conjoint research explore what is important and what they are willing to pay for.

“Connecting with Gen Y: Making the Short List. ” Deloitte’s survey takes a look at Generation Y’s attitudes and perceptions of vehicles, as well as the auto industry itself. Includes analysis by Gen Y at top MBA schools. (Feb 2009)

"Three Screen Nation: Marketing to Gen Y " by AOL. Survey of 1000 US 14-24 year olds conducted in July 2009. Great graphics.

The Mysterious Generation Y: by Graham Holter (May 2009) |Wine Intelligence analyst contrasts young wine drinkers in the US vs. UK based on data from Vinitrac Global.

“Millennials in Automotive" by Microsoft (ppt) |2009 survey of 18-27 year olds regarding automotive needs and shopping. (See “Millennials as Automotive Consumers” for highlights)

“Millennials and Baby Boomers Banking Channel Preference Survey” by Microsoft | 2009 survey of adult millennials (ages 18–29) and baby boomers (ages 45–63) shows different channel preferences for their banking activities.

”Dissecting the Downturn Generation” by Thomas Blischok of IRI (pdf) | Detailed look at how consumers spending and shopping is being affected by the recession. (Not Millennial specific, but addresses what may be generational shifts in spending.)

After the Meltdown” by COLLOQUY | Study of loyalty perceptions and trends in loyalty program participation for Millennials (18-25 years of age) compared to General Population and other age segments.

****Economist (with Genysys): Maturing with the Millennials: Are Organisations Prepared for Dealing with the Millennial Consumer****? “Convenience, customisation, community and “cool”

"What Appeals to Millennials? 10 Brands that Hit the Mark" essay by Brand Amplitude researcher, Carol Phillips (no research).

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